Donkey Fox and Lion

Donkey Fox and Lion Fairy Tale

One day, an old donkey and a rogue fox became friends, wandered together, and ate together. One day, they encountered a lion while wandering through the forest. Both of them could not move somewhere in fear, the fox gently whispered into the lion’s ear;

– “If you don’t eat me, I’ll make this donkey dinner for you.”

Lion accepted this offer and started to wait for his prey. The fox took the donkey to a trap he knew before and dropped the donkey into the pit. then he called the lion;

– “My Honorable King! Come here, your hunt is ready. ”

Lion was very pleased to see the donkey in the pit. “Now it’s time for the fox. Let me hunt that fox and have a good feast,” he said. The fox understood the lion’s intent and started begging. but the lion did not listen and;

– “Those who betray a friend also prepare their own end”. He rounded the fox with a paw into the pit in which the donkey was.

Our, The Donkey, Rouge Fox and Lion tale finished at here. Please send us to your fairy tales which one you have.

Source: La Fontaine Fairy Tales, Ass, Fox and Lion Fairy Tale.

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