The Fish and Bad Snake

The Fish and Bad Snake Fairy Tale

One day a fish met with a snake and they became friends…

“My sweet friend, take me on your back, and let’s ride around the sea.” said the snake.

“Sure! Sit on my back, and I’ll give you a ride. Come with me
and explore the sea.” said fish.

The snake curled around the fish, and the fish glided over the waves. Two friends, had not swum out very far be fore the snake bit the fish on the back.

“My friend, why are you biting me?” asked the fish.

“I bit you by accident,” answered the snake.

They swam out a little far from there, the snake bit the fish again.

“Why are you biting me again?” asked the fish.

“The sun made me dizzy, and I didn’t know what I was doing.”said the fish.

They swam out even far there, and once again the snake bit the fish.

 ‘Why do you keep biting me?” asked the fish.

“It is my habit to bite,” the snake replied.

“You know, I have a habit, too,” said the fish, and she dove to the bottom of the sea.

When she did, the silly snake swallowed too much water and drowned. Never again did the snake have a chance to bite the fish.

The Fish and Bad Snake finished at here.


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