Guitarist Donkey Karakachan Fairy Tale

Guitarist Donkey Karakachan Fairy Tale

Artist Spirited Donkey…

In one of the distant lands, there was a cute town where everyone was interested in music and art. People living in this town were interested in a branch of music and art, but also had a profession.

In this town, there was a music group called Kepir and a member named Ahmet, who is a guitarist member of this group. Ahmet’s dream was to become a famous concert all over the world. After completing his high school education, Ahmet was engaged in animal husbandry other than playing guitar in the music group they established.

Ahmet had two sheep, a donkey, two chickens, three cows and a cat. Ahmet gathered his animals in the garden every evening and gave them mini concerts. Among the animals, donkey always listened to Ahmet excitedly like the first day. Some evenings he would pass by the window and watch Ahmet play guitar with curiosity. In some nights, he even tried to go and play the pieces he saw from Ahmet. The name of this curious donkey was Karakachan.

Karakachan said that one day I will play guitar and become famous. When the donkey said so, the cat, sheep, cow and chicken would laugh and have fun. Nobody would take Karakachan seriously.

One day, a festival will be held in the town, and people will come to the festival from everywhere. Ahmet’s group was allowed to perform for a while. Therefore, Kepir Group gathered at Ahmet’s house every evening and repeated the pieces they would sing at the festivities. Of course, our curious Karakachan followed them every evening.

Two days before the festivities, Ahmet’s feet slipped and fell, and Ahmet’s arm was broken. When their friends came home and saw Ahmet’s arm bandaged, they were very upset that they could not give a concert. They kept saying, “Let’s cancel this concert, we can’t find anyone who can help us in two days,” among themselves. Karakachan, who was unaware of what was happening at the time, heard everything and went to the members of the Kepir group:

-“If you let me, I would like to play the guitar.”

Kepir Group is astonished:

They asked, “Are you serious?”


-‘Yes I am serious. I have been watching you for days, and every night after you, I secretly bought the guitar and played the parts you prepared, “he replied.

The Kepir group thought a lot and accepted it because there was no other alternative in the end. When they came to the stage on the day of the concert, the audience was very surprised to see the Guitarist Donkey Karakachan.

Everyone was looking at the bewildered Karakachan, but when Karakachan started playing the guitar, the cheers of applause suddenly broke. Everyone was amazed at the Karakachan’s guitar playing. The reputation of the Kepir group and guitar player Karakachan spread all over the world and began to give concerts everywhere. Thus, the dream of Karakachan and Ahmet came true. Everyone continued to live happily.

Our Guitarist Donkey Karakachan Fairy Tale is finished here.

Author: Fatih Arslan

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