The Dog and Crow

The Dog and Crow Fairy Tale

There was a hunter dog and he lost his way in the forest. He tried to find his house way but he could not.

He wandered through the forest in search of something to eat.  After a few days of unprofitable search for food, he became very thin and weak. He had not tasted anything except water, for several days. One day as he was walking listlessly and staggeringly under the trees, he saw by chance a crow that had a piece of meat in her beak.

Looking up, the dog sat on its legs, and prayed to the crow to give him a piece of her meat.

The dog begged: 

-‘Hey, please give me a piece of your meat. I am very very hungry.’

The crow, in hearing this remark of the dog, opened her beak and laughed. But when she opened her mouth the piece of meat which she had, fell to the ground.

The hungry dog ran and got the meat.

After having feasted on the meat, the dog said: 

-‘I thought that you were wiser than I at first, but I see now you are a silly bird. If you want come down, I will eat you too.’

Upon hearing this, the crow flew away.  She was very sad for the loss of the meat.

She could not do anything against the dog, so she spent the whole day without eating anything.

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