The Donkey and Lion’s Skin

The Donkey and Lion’s Skin Fairy Tale

The Donkey and Lion‘s Skin Fairy Tale/ Why The Animals Afraid From Donkey?

There was a donkey and he lived in forest. One day he was wandering at forest. He found a Lion’s skin which was left in the forest by a hunter.

When he found it, at first he was afraid very much. Then he understood that it was just a lion’s skin. He dressed himself in it, and amused himself by hiding in a bush and rushing out suddenly at the animals who passed that way. All took to their heels the moment they saw him.

The Donkey was so pleased to see the animals running away from him, just as if he were King of Forest, that he could not keep from expressing his delight by a loud, harsh bray.

A Fox, who ran with the rest, stopped short as soon as he heard the voice. Approaching the Donkey and he said with a laugh:

-‘If you had kept your mouth shut you might have frightened me, too. But you gave yourself away with that silly bray.’

“Fine clothes may disguise, but silly words will disclose a fool.”

Our Fairy Tale finished at here.

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