The Little Lamb and Wolf

The Little Lamb and Wolf Fairy Tale

There was a little lamb and a wolf. The little lamb was very sweet and little. The lamb lived in a shed. One night a wicked wolf got into the shed and grabbed the little lamb. The lamb fell down on its knees and said:

-‘God has placed me in your power. Eat me up, but before doing so, please fulfill my last wish. Play a song for me on your trumpet. My grandmother and grandfather told me that wolves are great trumpet players.’

The wolf was flattered. He squatted down and howled at the top of his lungs. His song awakened the dogs. The dogs rushed at the wolf and bit him.

The wolf ran out of the shed and rushed to the top of the hill. He sat down and began weeping and beating himself:

-‘I am worthy of that attack. Who on earth would ever claim that I was a trumpeter? I’ve always been a butcher and the son of a butcher.’

Our little lamb and wolf fairy tale is finish at here.

(From Bonnie C. Marshall’s ‘The Flower of Paradise and Other Armenian Tales’) You can send to us your fairy tales and articals about all things.

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