The Woodcutter and Demons Fairy Tale

The Woodcutter and Demons Fairy Tale

There was a poor man who was a woodcutter. One day he went to forest for cutting woods then sell them for get somethings to eat. He was walking along a trail in the wood he saw a big and dry tree and stopped in front of it for cutting. Suddenly he heard a strange sound in this dry tree, and looking up he was startled to see that it was the home of the Demons spirits who live in the wood.

He stopped and gazed for a moment at the horrible creatures, large as people, hanging from the limbs of the tree with their heads down like bats with their red eyes. They had wings to fly, and their toes were at the back of their feet, while their long fingers, which pointed backward, were fastened at the wrist.

The Woodcutter thought:

-“Surely, these terrible beings will eat me if they can catch me. I will run away as fast as I can while they are asleep.”

He tried to run but he was too frightened, and after a few steps he fell face down on the ground.

At this the Demons began to wail loudly, for they saw him fall and believed him dead. And they came down out of the tree with gold and beads which they laid on him.

After a while the woodcutter gathered his courage and, jumping up then he cried as loudly as he could:
“Go away!”

The Demons did not move, but they looked at him and said:

-“Give us your axe so you may have to go your house.”

But the woodcutter refused to do this, so the Demons were angry and turned away, crying:

-“Then we are going to burn your house, for you are a bad man.”

Thereupon the man went home as fast as he could go, but when he arrived his home it was burned.

So The Demons kept their word.

Dont cut woods if not the Demons may visit you.

* The Woodcutter and Demons Fairy Tale is finished at here.

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