Who is Malla Ali Kurdistani?

Who is Malla Ali Kurdistani? “I heal every Patient with Allah s permission …”

Does it really cure or liar?

Malla Ali Kurdi, whose real name is Ali Mahmut Hasan, claims to treat people with the Qur’an with an examination in his home in Erbil, Northern Iraq. Malla Ali Kurdi, who has a channel on Youtube, records and broadcasts the patients and the treatment process coming to him.

Can Malla Ali Kurdi, who said, “God is the curator, I am only one occasion,” can really cure people? Can it really cure people who cannot speak and people who are blind, where medicine is not a cure?

Is he a liar or can he really cure it?

“I will heal every Patient with Allah s permission”

Mala Ali claims that he healed people by using the method he called “nebevi medicine” in the place he named “Muhammed Rasullullah Hospital” in Kalak district of Erbil, that is, by reading the Quran.

He claims to treat those who are unable to speak, those who are blind, genie strikes and many more.

Malla Ali Kurdi stated that “The Kurdish regional government of Northern Iraq has been complained dozens of times and has appeared before the judge dozens of times.” It is claimed that Malla Ali Kurdi, who made even arrest warnings about him, heals people he brought from Pakistan and Afghanistan, and defrauds the public.

What he said about Trump?

He suggested that the President of the USA, Donald Trump, had inconsistent attitudes, and that there was a puck into Trump. He also said that many bureaucrats and politicians came to his home for treatment purposes and that he treated them with a stick.

The Saudi Arabian administration arrested Malla Ali Kurdi after a video he released in February 2020. In the video, which appeared to heal a man who has been blind for 10 years, it was announced by the Saudi administration that he was deceiving the public and arrested on charges of fraud.

Allah (cc) says that the Quran is a healing for patients: “The Quran is healing and mercy for believers,” [Isra 82].

In addition, there are dozens of hadiths about the healing of the Qur’an by our Prophet (pbuh).

(Fatiha is a panacea) [Beyheki]

(Surat al-Fatiha prevents the blindness of Allahu ta’ala) [To Shir]…

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